About Us


Rev. Larry Johnson

Rev. Larry Johnson committed his life to Christ and has been a member of New Life Faith Center since it began in 1982. He began preaching as a lay minister in 1987. As a founding member of the congregation, Pastor Larry saw New Life Faith Center begin at the Calvert Grange before relocating to the current location on Jacob Tome Highway. Pastor Larry also participated as the church completed a building campaign to complete the addition to the original sanctuary. Pastor Larry began as Pastor to New Life Faith Center in 1998 and began as full-time pastor in 2001. Pastor Larry met his wife, Sue, at North East High School. Pastor Larry and Sue have been married 37 years. Pastor Larry and Sue have two children: Shannon and Shawn; and three grand-children: Joshua, Nicholas, and Isaiah.


Rev. Shawn Johnson

Rev. Shawn Johnson has been a member of New Life Faith Center his entire life.  As the son of Senior Pastor Larry Johnson, Shawn has been raised within this congregation.  Shawn began working in the church as a teenager before he delivered his first sermon as a 16 year old.  Since that time, Shawn has served the church as Associate Pastor.  Shawn married his high-school sweetheart, Angela, in 2005 and the two have one child, Isaiah.